We offer 100% cotton and blended fabrics that include:

Twills:  A twill weave is easily identified by its diagonal pattern of parallel ribs. Our supply of twill fabrics encompasses all patterns, weights and colour combinations.  Contact us today to learn more about our twill fabrics.

 A strong twilled cotton fabric used in men’s and women’s slacks, we offer drills in a variety of widths and weights.

 Who doesn’t recognize the elegance that satin fabrics bring to home furnishings and men’s and women’s apparel?   Satins are woven fabrics formed by using a satin weave of filament fibres such as silk, polyester, and nylon.  Sateens are fabrics using a satin weave using short-staple yarns such as cotton.  Contact us to learn more about the satin and sateen products we offer—all in a rainbow of colours and variety of widths.

 Dobby is the closely-woven material used most often on the edging of bath towels.  Let us provide you with competitively-priced, high quality dobby fabrics.

 This heavy-duty woven fabric, known for its sturdiness, is made of cotton.  It differs from standard cotton fabric in the way that it is woven.  We offer plain and duck canvas in a variety of weights and numbers and, of course, in a wealth of colours.

 Denim clothing and accessories are a staple of both young and older consumers alike.  We offer an attractive variety of 
indigo rope-dyed
 denim fabrics in a range of styles and colours including poly denims, stretch denims, basic denims and specialty varieties.

Stretch: No matter what your need for stretch woven fabrics, Adeeba Textiles has the product.  We offer woven fabrics in stretch including spandex, Lycra and Coolmax.

Knitted Fabric:

100% Cotton: Adeeba Textiles offer the highest-quality cotton fabrics such as single jersey, baby jersey, baby rib, interlock and french terry, in all diameters, gauges and gramages.  Whether it’s grey, bleached, dyed or printed, you’ll be wowed at our selection and competitive pricing of 100% cotton knitted fabrics.

  Our cotton-blended offerings include fabrics consisting of cotton and a combination of nylon, polyester or spandex.   Because we’re an industry leader, we are constantly watching for new, innovative fabric products to share with our clients.

 Known for its warmth, fleece wicks away moisture from the body.  Fleece fabric is primarily made from 100% polyester, but can be blended with other materials such as cotton, wool, rayon and spandex.  Providing exceptional wind resistance and warmth per weight as compared to other fabric types, fleece repels moisture and can be sheared in a variety of different ways to create a soft, even velvet-like finishes.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can address your fleece fabric needs.

 Modal fabric is a variety of rayon but dyes just like cotton and is colourfast when washed in warm water. Made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees, this fabric type is 50% more water absorbent per unit volume than cotton. These fabrics are known for their smoothness and softness and are commonly used in household linens such as bedsheets, towels and sleepwear.  Adeeba Textiles offers an amazing selection of modal fabrics from which to choose.

 We offer a beautiful array of both dull luster and bright luster viscose (rayon) fabrics in a rainbow of colours.  Viscose fabrics are typically used in apparel, household items (such as window dressings) and industrial fabrics. For best results, this knitted fabric type typically requires dry cleaning. Tencel: Soft and beautiful yet strong and durable, this knitted fabric is used commonly in high-end men’s and women’s apparel.  Woven or knitted, this category of fabrics includes poplins, twills, crepes and chambrays. Tencel fabrics are known for their resistance to wrinkles, durability and comfortable wear.