Circular Knitting
Adeeba Textiles has the latest technology in Circular knitting. Shown here are machines with different diameters and Gauges. The greige fabric is checked here to mark any knitting defects in fabric.
Dyeing & Finishing
We have world class conveyer dryer. (‘Santex’ Swiss made) Santa Shrink with vibrator and with tumbling effect for better shrinkage and dimensional stability. There are 2 Italian made Ferrero compactors for compacting fabric by means of required fold and controlling of shrinkage. 5 big tumblers to control shrinkage and to deliver pre-shrunk goods. Side slitting machine for open width fabric. The slitter has censor which senses the drop needle for the cutting of the fabric and cuts exactly on the drop needle.
Laboratory (Quality Control)
All chemicals and dyes used in Adeeba Textiles products are user friendly. Quality control checks are stringent. Lights for color matching ensure uniformity and high quality. a. D-65 (Day Light) b. PL 84 c. Ultra Violet
This is our cutting department. Here different range of fabrics are checked on tables which are conspicuous on account of their height
The entire stitching process is here. Back latcher, over locking machines, flat lock, elastic attachment machines, two needle machines, zip attachments, Single needle machine, Singtex all these machines are imported from Taiwan. 
Checking and Packing
Checking is done in four stages. 
1. The stretch check is carried out to find out if there is any knitting defect.
2. After dyeing another check is carried out to find if the shade is exactly the same as required.
3. A stitching check is carries out to find out if there is any minor defect in stitching and if the elastic is visible. 
4. A check is carried out to find if cropping is flawless.